In 1920 Messrs Goldschmidt, Gerber and Griesbach began their entrepreneurial trading activities from offices in Cape Town and Berlin. Despite the 1920′s depression and its dramatic aftermath, the business continued to grow with new offices being established in London in 1924, Japan in 1934 and New York in 1937 and survived the traumatic disruption of World War II.

The post-war years saw many expansionary ventures following changing trade patterns including the opening of offices in Zimbabwe, swiftly followed by offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Zambia, Netherlands, Switzerland and France and more recently in Korea, China, Canada, Mexico and Chile.


Today the group has offices in more than 20 cities around the world and employs more than 2,000 people of which more than 1,500 in Southern Africa with an annual turnover exceeding $2 Billion.

The characteristic that remains common to all Group operations, as inculcated by its founders, is the integrity of its management, their dedication to service and an entrepreneurial approach to business. This has engendered the loyalty and support of its customers and principals.

The Group continues to evolve by extending its activities and functions and is today involved in a diverse range of businesses; from traditional trade and trade finance, to distribution, processing of raw materials and manufacturing of sophisticated electronic equipment.