Accredited SA agent for the AGC Group. AGC is recognised as one of the most innovative flat glass suppliers worldwide and their products include a wide range of high performance architectural glass with superior characteristics in sun-resistant pyrolitic coatings, low emissivity (low-e) and thermal insulation.

Well-established AGC glass products in the SA market include the following:

  • Stopsol (solar control with various reflective coatings)
  • Sunergy (solar control with low-e and low reflectivity)
  • Stopray (high performance SIGU) …and many others.

All AGC products in the range are available for the SA market and many are locally stocked and distributed. For further details visit

Tel: +27 11 623 2896

12 Brunel Road
Tulisa Park
South Africa

P.O. Box 7115
South Africa